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GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS: Supercar Technician Resigns And Takes 10 Cars With Him

For a long time, Jake Buyers was a technician in a supercar garage. He left his job after injuring his back and knees. His passion for cars led him to open his own garage specialized in supercars. He gathered all the information for his new business from a book.


Jake left his job as a mechanic due to severe back problems.

Garage Entrepreneurs

For years Jake worked in a supercar garage. He was a technician and very good at his job. That’s because he knew everything about cars. As a child, there was nothing he loved more than to go on rides with his dad. Later on, as a teenager, he made his own cars with his friends and that secured his job when he was applying for a job. Not everyone gets to work on supercars. Unfortunately, his back and knee problems were so severe that he had to abandon his job.


Now he has his own garage filled with Ferrari’s.

“You Win with People”

He was heartbroken after leaving the garage, cars were his life and now he could not work on them anymore. He had surgery on his back and his back healed. Meanwhile, he spent his time reading on cars. There was this one book called Saving America: How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms into Large Fortunes. It inspired him so much, that he started his own garage a year after his surgery. His old boss helped him out and lend him a few cars. Now Jake is the proud owner of his own supercar garage. Sure he suffered a lot to get there, but he wouldn’t change anything for it.


He became inspired to start his own garage after reading this book.

Are you a big car buff and dreaming of your own garage like Jake? Then you can do the same as him with the book: Saving America: How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms Into Large Fortunes.