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Sweet Grandma Sends Cookies To Stranger She Texted By Accident


We’re always talking about how the world can be a dark place, but it can also be a place of wonderful kindness and generosity.

A Redditor recently posted about a wrong number situation they’d had that ended up being “the most wholesome experience of [their] life.”


This Reddit user was just minding their own business when they got a text from a grandma about some cookies.

The thing was, the text seemed to be for her grandson, and this Reddit user was a total stranger. They joked back about wanting the cookies and revealed that she had the wrong number.She, however, was perfectly serious and asked what kind they wanted.

She paid for the shipping to send this perfect stranger homemade cookies.

Not just oatmeal raisin cookies, but some chocolate pecan bars sprinkled in. Grandmas like to keep their grandchildren (and apparently strangers) well fed.

True to her word, the cookies arrived and the Reddit user couldn’t believe it.

“She was so sweet and adorable & checked to see if I got them. And they’re delicious!”

The Reddit user claimed that this grandma’s wrong number text and kindness led to “the most wholesome experience of [their] life.”

Since the cookies arrived in Tupperware, the people of the internet quick to say that the redditor should send the Tupperware back washed. The Reddit user agreed and said they’d be sure to include a thank you note too, one that told the grandma that tons of internet strangers thought what she did was beautiful.All of it is just so darn adorable. Grandmas and cookies really are the perfect pairing.