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Widow Struggles To Keep House Neat, Until Kind Strangers Decide To Help Her Clean Up Her House.

By age 90, most people aren’t able to live on their own any more. 90-year-old Agnes was able to take care of herself. Her house and yard were another matter.

Agnes yard was not only overrunning by weeds, her nephew had been dumping old car parts and appliances on her property for years.

She knew her house didn’t look good and to make matters worse, her roof was leaking in her kitchen and living room.

Agnes’ nephew dumbed all kinds of garbage around the house.

When a heavy storm arrived in Agnes’ town. Her kitchen roof caved in and left her roofless.

As a isolated older person, Agnes didn’t have children or family were she could rely on and was unfamiliar with her neighbors.

Bob Graham was a local roofer who had just moved in across the street. He noticed the white-haired older lady getting her mail every day. As he recently lost his grandma himself, Bob felt terrible seeing an older lady all alone. He could tell she needed help.

Bob told our reporter Sheree that when he saw her slowly going out to the mailbox one morning, he decided to take a few minutes out of his day to introduce himself.

“I just walked across the street and stuck my hand out,” he said. “Hey, I’m Bob, what’s your name?”

Bob knew she needed help and was determined to give it to her.

Agnes responded with her name but immediately started crying. “You’re the first person who has talked to me in ages,” she told the friendly neighbor.

“That did it,” Bob said. “I knew she needed help and I was determined to give it to her.”

Bob asked Agnes why she was crying and she told him about the city’s fine. He quickly learned how her nephew had dumped all of the junk in her yard and never came to clean it up. Going inside her house, he describes how awful he felt seeing that there was no roof above the kitchen.

“I told her I was going to get together with the neighbors to help her,” he told reporter Sheree. “My last words to her before we went back to fix her house were ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.'”

Returning home, Bob decided to share Agnes’ situation through social media. He got the attention of neighbors and friends.

They’re angels. They came in and cleaned out all the stuff, tore the shed down and tore the trailer down and taken everything out,” says Agnes.

Operation Blessing

In addition to repairing Agnes’ damaged roof, Operation Blessing got some help from Regent University volunteers and did a few little extras for Agnes.  They put in a pathway to the back yard, built beautiful flower beds, finished the debris removal, and cleaned out Agnes’ shed.

They started working and they sure did do a good job,” says Agnes.  “And they’re all my little angels. And I never will forget them. And I love them.”

Agnes couldn’t believe her eyes when they were finished.

At the end of a full day of work, Operation Blessing volunteers had one last surprise for “Mrs. Agnes.”

They asked me what I needed. And I said, ‘I need an air conditioner. Please get me an air conditioner.’ And they surprised me with one,” says Agnes. “God bless them and they’re wonderful. And I love them all. I’ve been blessed and blessed and God has never left me. He’s still with me.”