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Add stout figs to your trolley in February.


This pear-formed organic product has a thin, eatable skin that reaches in shading from light green to dull purple, or even dark, when completely ready. The delicate, sweet tissue is loaded with modest consumable seeds and is for the most part a purple-red shading.


Pick full looking figs that vibe substantial for their size. They ought to be delicate to the touch, yet not soft. Stay away from figs that have part or wounded skin.

Get ready

Wash figs and trim the stems. Figs are delectable all alone, however you can likewise add them to servings of mixed greens, pork or chicken dishes or prepare them into cakes, biscuits and rolls.

4 brisk routes with figs

For a simple and scrumptiously sweet pastry, expel originates from figs and cut a cross into the highest point of every one. Shower somewhat nectar into each cut and prepare at 200°C for 15 minutes. Present with low-fat yogurt or dessert.

To make these simple fig tartlets, cut a sheet of prepared moved decreased fat shortcrust baked good into four squares. Spread each square with fig stick, at that point beat with cuts of new figs. Heat at 180°C until the baked good is firm and the figs delicate (around 10–15 minutes).

For a provincial looking starter, serve fig toasties. Softly splash dried up bread with oil and flame broil until toasted. Spread each cut with new lessened fat ricotta and top with cut figs and a shower of nectar. Season with split pepper.

Serve this yummy couscous with Moroccan-spiced sheep. In an extensive pan, sauté a little diced zucchini and onion until cooked. Include ground coriander and cinnamon (1 teaspoon each) and cook for 1 minute more. Include 3/4 container bubbling water and 2/3 glass couscous. Blend to consolidate, cover and expel from warmth. Remain for 5 minutes. Then, quarter new figs and chargrill or sear until delicate and delicious. Add to couscous, with ¼ container toasted pine nuts, just before serving.