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Frozen treats

Desiring cool alleviation from the warmth, yet uncertain of how to settle on a sound decision? HFG dietitian Brooke Longfield causes you go after the privilege cold fix.

The Australian summer can hit temperatures that make us need to set up camp in the refrigerated area of the grocery store! So we go after the following best thing: cooling ice pieces, desserts and solidified yogurt.

In any case, as the majority of today’s sweet treats, the once humble frozen yogurt has advanced into a considerably bigger, more luxurious creation. Enticing and promptly accessible, liberalities, for example, Magnum, Maxibon and Connoisseur can be moment formulas for undesirable weight pick up, so it pays to pick your cold treats with care.

Appreciate the assortment

We cherish dessert such a great amount of, we’re among its most elevated shoppers around the world: The normal Aussie eats 18 liters of solidified treats a year. Dessert and organic product based ice pieces are the primary alternatives, yet we can browse an extensive variety of sticks, tubs, pops and bars that likewise incorporates gelato and solidified yogurt. Feeling somewhat spoilt for decision?


When looking for frozen yogurt, check fixings records for low-fat or skim drain, as these items contain less soaked fat. This is the most beneficial approach, and the all the more regularly you enjoy, the more imperative this technique moves toward becoming.

Yogurt-based treats may appear like a more beneficial decision than customary dessert, however that is not really the situation: Frozen yogurt can be high in soaked fat and is frequently stacked with included sugar. Watch out for chocolate, as well. It adds kilojoules and immersed fat to dessert, as do each one of those fun bright fixings, similar to nuts, scone disintegrate and coconut.

While picking a frozen yogurt, you don’t have to peruse the whole nourishment data board. To pick the most advantageous alternative, simply examine the board for the measures of kilojoules and immersed fat. Search for a rich treat that has less than 600kJ (around 150cal) and close to 2.5g of immersed fat for every serve.

Dairy-based frozen yogurts have some wholesome esteem: They give a little protein and, from brand to mark, fluctuating measures of calcium, which is a basic part of solid teeth and bones.

Organic product juice

The measure of genuine organic product squeeze in ice pieces differs drastically: Some brands contain under 10 for every penny, while others are 100 for each penny juice. The most advantageous alternative is an ice piece that is more than 40 for each penny genuine natural product juice, as this will hold some of organic product’s supplements, for example, vitamin C, while giving less included sugar.


A straightforward approach to limit your sugar admission from a solidified treat is to watch your segment measure. Pick littler, separately divided ice squares, for example, scaled down variants or fruity ‘pops’. These still contain regular products of the soil sugars, however with less kilojoules and less included sugar.

It’s additionally a smart thought to see sugary ice squares and frozen yogurts as just infrequent additional items, not regular basics.

Scrutinize your treats

It’s fundamental to control divide sizes, especially while treating yourself to something sweet. A normal Magnum Classic, for instance, has 1181kJ (283cal) and an astounding 13g of soaked fat, though a Magnum Mini has only 645kJ (154cal) and 7.2g of immersed fat.

Cool agenda

Pick solidified treats that offer…

Under 2.5g of immersed fat for every serve

No less than 40% genuine organic product

Under 600kJ (just about 150cal)