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We as a whole realize that on the off chance that you need to get more fit, crisp foods grown from the ground, lean protein and entire grains are the main port of call. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the various nourishments that make up your wash room?

HFG dietitian Zoe Wilson sources the best bundled nourishments (and we mean both sound and top notch) to keep you in good shape with your weight reduction.

A large portion of us know the fundamentals of adhering to a good diet – heaps of wholegrains, a lot of new vegetables and organic product, low-fat dairy, enough protein to keep you full, et cetera. Yet, at the store, even the most wellbeing cognizant customer can progress toward becoming baffled. Contending wellbeing claims, hard to-peruse sustenance data boards and the way that you’re not continually contrasting apples and apples can all make for a bewildering background!

In any case, never fear – HFG is here to offer assistance! Our dietitian Zoe Wilson has scoured the store retires and picked the best nourishments to help with long haul weight reduction.

We’ve partitioned items into the classifications that tend to bring about the most disarray. With regards to choosing which items are best for individuals needing to shed pounds, the aggregate kilojoule substance is critical, yet different variables –, for example, higher protein, bring down GI, higher fiber and sustenance that tastes great – will likewise help you to accomplish your weight reduction objectives.


Bürgen Wholemeal and Seeds: Despite the generally little cuts, it’s stuffed loaded with protein and fiber to help keep you full for more. Two cuts contain 764kJ, 10.9g protein and 7.5g fiber.

Schwob’s Swiss Bakery Bread Plus Kibbled Rye: Also a littler cut, it’s still high in protein and fiber (there’s 781kJ, 7.5g protein and 4.0g fiber in two cuts).

Tip Top Up White Lower GI: This is a decent decision on the off chance that you or somebody in your home will just eat white bread. It’s medium GI (white breads are normally high GI), and has 770kJ, 6.1g protein and 3.0g fiber for every two-cut serve.


Mountain Bread Rye: Want more space for fillings in your wrap? Rye Mountain Bread has just 288kJ for every piece, so you can top off on bunches of serving of mixed greens and lean protein at lunch.

Vitastic Sorj Lite Wraps Wholemeal: With 366kJ, 3.4g protein and 1.8g fiber for each wrap, this low-kJ alternative makes a speedy and simple pizza base.

Genuine Foods Traditional Roti Wraps: Great for cleaning up a little remaining HFG curry.

It’s higher in vitality than the others (569kJ), additionally higher in fiber and protein (3.6g fiber and 4.4g protein for every roti), which means you remain fulfilled for more.


Kellogg’s Special K Advantage: With just 590kJ for each 1 glass serve (40g) – and also a 6.2g fiber hit – this is an incredible decision when collaborated with lessened fat drain and some natural product.

Goodness Superfoods Protein first: Containing an enormous 8.7g protein and 13.2g fiber for each 1 glass serve (and for only 700kJ), this oat is certain to prop you up until lunchtime.

Weet-Bix Multi-Grain: a similar Aussie top pick, however with more fiber and protein – you’ll get 763kJ, 4.8g protein and 4.4g fiber for every two bread rolls.


Goodness Superfoods Barley + Oats first Quick Sachets: With 75% more fiber and 85% more beta-glucan than oats alone (6.1g and 2.3g for each serve separately), it’s low-kJ as well, with just 525kJ for each sachet.

Uncle Tobys Weightwise Oats (unique flavor): High in fiber (6.0g) and protein (5.6g), and with just 620kJ for each 40g sachet, this porridge is certain to fill you for more and stop the mid-morning munchies.

Uncle Tobys Oats Multigrain: Made with oats, rye, wheat, buckwheat and pearl grain, you’ll get 620kJ, 4.9g protein and 4.1g fiber in each 40g serve.


Uncle Tobys Natural Style Muesli Original Swiss Blend: This muesli will keep you full for the duration of the morning. It’s made with a blend of moved, untoasted oats, dried leafy foods, and is high in fiber and low in sodium. You’ll get 690kJ, 4.8g protein and 5.1g fiber for each 45g serve.

Carman’s Natural Bircher Muesli: This is intended to be splashed to make bircher muesli. It has 778kJ, 5.0g fiber and 7.7g protein for each 45g serve.

Sunsol Protein Muesli with cinnamon seasoned oats: A crunchier muesli because of some toasted oats, however made to be higher in protein than the other Sunsol offerings. You’ll get 756kJ, 6.2g protein and 5.3g fiber for every 45g serve.

Toast options

Tip Top English Muffins Multigrain: These make an awesome contrasting option to general toast and are ideal for fixing with tomato cuts and a poached egg (626kJ, 7.4g protein and 4.0g fiber for each biscuit).

Ponder White Hi Fiber Plus Crumpet Splits: With an increase in included fiber, these have 520kJ, 4.2g protein and 4.8g fiber for each crumpet.

Bürgen Fruit and Muesli bread: While higher in vitality (979kJ), it’s low-GI and packs a 8.2g protein punch (and 3.3g fiber) per serve (2 cuts). Awesome for breakfast or have 1 cut as a low-kJ nibble.


Yoplait Formé Satisfy: High in protein and fiber (around 4–5g for each tub), this yogurt is actually low GI and 355–389kJ for every 170g tub. It’s still thick and velvety – and an extraordinary approach to get in a serve of calcium, as well.

Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy Light: 99% sans fat and with 60% less sugar (9–10.5g sugar for each tub contrasted with around 25g in the customary Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy assortment), this yummy yogurt contains 367–385kJ for every 170g tub.

Tamar Valley No Fat Natural: A flavorfully smooth common yogurt with no additional sugar and just 300kJ, in addition to a monstrous 200mg calcium for each 100g.


Natvia: With just 2.5kJ for each teaspoon, Natvia is a type of Stevia, an actually happening low-kilojoule sweetener without saccharin or aspartame that can be utilized as a part of place of sugar.

Break even with Classic tablets: One tablet has an indistinguishable sweetness from one teaspoon sugar. This zero-kJ sweetener is likewise accessible in sachets or by the spoonful.

Splenda Granular: Measures glass for container with sugar and works for heating, as well. It’s likewise accessible in tablets and sachets.

Table spreads

Verdure Ultra Light Spread: This sunflower-based spread has 70% less fat than the first form, and just 48kJ for every teaspoon.

Nuttelex Lite: An extraordinary decision for those with sensitivities, this without dairy spread is additionally sans gluten, sans soy and sans nut. It’s appropriate for veggie lovers and vegetarians, as well. Contains 93kJ for every teaspoon.

Bertolli Light spread: Made from olive oil and with less fat that the first form, you’ll spread just 102kJ for each teaspoon on your toast.

‘In a hurry’ breakfasts

Lemnos Lifestyle Apple and Cinnamon bircher muesli: This brisk and simple brekky even incorporates a spoon! There are just 807kJ for every 150g tub.

Up&Go Vive Wild Berry: Every 250ml box contains 740kJ, 9.3g protein, 3.8g fat and 4.0g fiber. It’s low-GI and lower in sugar than the other Up&Go flavors. It’s incredible for breakfast or a post-practice nibble.

Pauls Good to Go: These 99% without fat smoothies contain only 845kJ for each 250ml serve and come in three yummy flavors. They’re likewise low-GI and high in fiber and protein to keep you more full for more.