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Mainstream selections of strawberries incorporate Hokowase, Sweetie, Tioga and the Fragaria Vesca, which is a wild strawberry.


Select strawberries that are stout, firm and splendid red with no white or green fixes close to the stem. Take a gander at the underside of the holder to guarantee there are no squished berries, weaknesses, wounding or form. Littler strawberries are typically the most flavourful.

Putting away

Strawberries are delicate and don’t store well. Store on a plate fixed with paper towel in the refrigerator for up to three days. Try not to wash before refrigerating and don’t drench either, as this will weaken the flavor. Strawberry mash can be solidified for later utilize.


Before eating, give the strawberries a snappy wash, leaving the stalks in place. Evacuate the tops and stalks before serving, and either serve entire or cut.

5 snappy routes with strawberries

Decorate cuts of fresh, pink watermelon with splendid red strawberries and mint leaves for a solid and invigorating summer natural product platter.

For chocolate-secured strawberries, soften one measure of semi-sweet chocolate contributes the microwave for two minutes, blending at regular intervals. Wash and dry the strawberries, with stems in place, and spin in the chocolate to coat equitably. Put on a heating paper-lined plate and refrigerate until set.

Cut a punnet of strawberries and place into a bowl. Shower with balsamic vinegar and permit to macerate at room temperature for up to 60 minutes. Fill in as a pastry.

Puree a punnet of strawberries and stop in little bits to add to yogurt or smoothies.

Make a fascinating, reviving plate of mixed greens. Join one cos lettuce (leaves torn), two clusters of infant spinach, 1/2 measure of toasted pecans, one punnet of strawberries (cut) and one meagerly cut red onion. Make a dressing of 120ml lessened fat mayonnaise, 15g poppy seeds, 30ml white wine vinegar and 60ml drain. Sprinkle over the plate of mixed greens and serve.